Exchnage, Return, and Cancellation Policy

Either partnering with 99paisa or accessing its exclusive services, in addition to convenience you also avail hassle free refund and cancellation terms. As soon as you set up your work (B2B or B2C) or request us for a particular recharge or the other requirements, you enter into a contract as if not satisfied by our services; it’s all up to you for requesting either its cancellation or immediate refund within the deadline time duration. However if you recharge for DTH, Data Card or for Mobile, there would be no refunds on those assets.

With 99paisa hassle free advantage badge every B2B, B2C, and the unswerving customer’s are legible for refund or the cancellation with their remit. However the one time setup charge from our B2B clients is non refundable that generally includes up a few minimal cost required for registration purpose and setting up their credential to access.

We assure security with adequate buyer protection means so that there lays a risk free transaction, in no imply of time. Where there are no refunds available an exchange would be provided literally.

Rules associated with Refund & Exchange terms

For all mishaps if any, error while processing your recharge or bills payment, enrolling for the services, we offer a 3 day refund policy in all those instances. Although with the case of DTH Recharge or the Air, Bus, Train ticket booking facilities you shall be entitled to get refund if only made through 99paisa website.

For those transactions where error occurs while making their payment and still they lack with transaction completion process, the deducted amount gets automatically refunded. However if by chance refund doesn’t arrives to your account in 3 days you may contact the customer support for the help and the amount would be refunded as soon as possible.

An exchange with the product or services would only be liable if the existing order has been made with 99paisa. With the exchange terms only that order would be offered that has same price value similar to existing one. We would not allow in refund terms if the third party in case withholds the transaction payment, since 99paisa shall not be liable for the third party errors if any occurs ever, however there aren’t such registered cases with us till now.

Note: No refunds would be made for the transactions that are claimed after the expiry of 3 day time period, with the transaction duration. If claiming for the refund it must be made through same login id from which, the transaction was made fully. No refund would be allowed for the different login id with the different id of 99paisa.

Cancellation terms for B2B Client with 99paisa

Our cancellation terms for B2B Client are meant for discarding the users inconvenience and giving back their precious money, if not made with full confidence.

With our cancellation terms clients or customers may ask for cancellation of their transaction or orders prior made through 99paisa website within the 7 days of time limit. However the cancellation terms differ accordingly to the nature of that product or service, so make sure you have an idea while approaching with. In case of mobile recharge, DTH, Data card no cancellations are allowed, since these products are beyond the control of 99paisa. 99paisa only acts a medium between you and your service provider, recharges are not our personal or private assets.

No cancellations shall be barred on the third party offers just like these recharge options. However the products or service legible for cancellation could also be done either through mail or a call to our toll free helpline number.

The cancellation amount, to get back refunded to your account may take a few days, so you need to be patient and relaxed since your earnings are all safe with us and we proudly refund the amount to client’s bank account as soon as possible, after the completion of verification process. We do not deduct any special charges while cancellation of the products or services, so be assure while you make a cancellation.