Careers - Latest Job Openings

With every time your surf 99paisa website there arrives an opportunity to push your boundaries and reach. Deliver & deliver what other expect and accept from you every time, with no question marks at all. Execute the opportunities, break away the barriers and definitely be a risk taker. Yes, we only mean to say that you may enrol with us to become a freedom entrepreneur and make a high rise to your career scope just by working with a great team of 99paisa.

A team of passionate guys & gals with an enthusiastic approach, who never fear of losing a chance, completes the group of 99paisa. Whether it’s about B2B client, B2C clients or our in house management, the skills and craziness makes it apart, far optimistic group than other.

The question arrives here is “are there possibilities of making a mistake by our team”? Yes, definitely mistakes are a part of life and we love to make mistakes, which definitely creates a passion to judge and makeover that area where unfortunately we lost a good game.

So what else are you thinking with! Wanna join our team for your career enrichment? You may either think arriving at 99paisa office for an interview to be a part of freedom team or else work on own will as a retailer or distributor. No need to appear like a professional manager, just wear what you love and work freely on your choice enjoying music, video games or movies.

For Internal Management Team

There is an opportunity every time with a boom of opening in our internal management group, all groups are invited with their CV’s anytime and try out their good luck after getting selected.

If you choose our operations team you may get a chance to apply for the post of

  • Customer service executive
  • Sales professional
  • Quality analyst
  • Team leader for tech support
  • Software development process
  • Content manager
  • Digital marketing expert
  • Manager sales and human resource.

For Retailer and Distributor Business Opportunities

Reasonable opportunity lies for, out of source entrepreneurs, who may try their luck with the help of 99paisa web portal, for successful operation of their own firm. No need to mail us your CV, simply ask for a sign up, pay the one time registration amount and start running your business of flexi recharges, ticket booking of flights, bus, Air and hotel, PAN card enrolment or Money transfer services.

It all happens within a few minutes of time span...

  • Enrol with our services
  • Pay one time set up fee
  • Start running your business immediately