Money Transfer Services Online

Instant Money Transfer across India – Paisa Nahi Rishte Banate Hai Hum

Our services include domestic money remittances. Our reach extends from metros to the farthest corners and remotest locations of India. Services are aimed at helping our retail associates serve migrant workforce and rural population as well as people in cities to send and receive money through regular NEFT and IMPS channels or through non-banking channels.

Money transfer operations through our servers are safe and highly secure with the latest encryption technologies. Our business associates need not worry about security breaches or unauthorized access of accounts because we have tightest controls.

Our associates can offer this service of money transfers and remittances to people who have bank accounts and, more importantly, to the under banked and unbanked segments. Entrepreneurs can add money transfer services to their existing retail business and gain further revenues. We also offer franchisee operations.