Our Mission

The innovative approach of 99paisa stays behind its clients and customers, who every time ask for genuineness with their approaches, and seek for convenience with no hassles.

The mission of 99paisa remains to be its pre-determined set of goals that it is claiming to succeed and make its reliability wider & popular. With every single step we move forward a new level already gets decided to reach, for our mission’s success. And definitely with movement of time we are cheerfully succeeding every single hurdles faced at particular moment.

The reason for which our mission receives success is due to the transparency and clarity with the services. We never forbid or disapprove any of the associates wish or requirements. Whether its our B2B, B2C client or the existing customer group. We ask for their recommendation, feedback and the troubles if received any, to thoroughly workout on those issues and make sure it never happens in future.

Yes publicly we have been a buzz lately and all that happened through the networking chain of our customers, who always ask for satisfaction and if completed with it, further transmit it to other needy ones.

Our mission lets us to connect the market reach extended with potential groups, we would always be focused on delivering

  • Fast transaction terms and its processing in real time
  • No more delays with queries or feedback
  • Enhanced approach for our B2B and B2C clients
  • Give prompt refund to our valued customers and clients in case of failed transactions
  • Geo certified and most secured means to operate without a fear of cyber theft
  • Our reach that even crosses the most typical regions of Indian states, whether its rural or semi urban area.
  • Instant removal of the customer dissatisfaction means
  • Reward the clients with our daily launch of loyalty programs

Apart from such mission set ups we are in no mood to discard out enthusiastic employee group, who serve hard to make our reach wider. With a limited group of employee we give them best perks and allowances to create their dedication and passion of work more liable.