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Every government as well as non government financial transactions have been made unavoidable filed with the PAN number, agreed at time of its allotment. Permanent account number (PAN) is a foundation that identifies the countrywide tax payers of India at present.

Issued by Indian income tax department, under the requirements of Income tax Act 1961 it is a covered identity card consisting of particular PAN numeric figures more resembles identical to bank debit or credit card. It also carries name of beneficiary as well as the photo identity attestation, date at which it has been issued all along with date of birth as well as hologram mark issued by NSDL.

However the PAN number is only agreed to the national tax payers of India and for its application one has to go behind the rules or norms issued by NSDL centre of India.

The important key to understand behind the PAN card application is that it can only be filed by registered PAN card distributors of Indian regions. An agent may ask for prescribed registration charges from you but actually the price you pay consists of their additional fee. Be careful while you submit your application form along with fee for enrolment, since unethical practice of agent may cause your registration to be cancelled for life terms.

If you are about to apply for PAN number allotment just sit back and give us your essential credentials like passport size photographs, address proof or driving license, we would effort to complete your registration process through 99paisa interface and would make sure that it gets delivered at your doorstep in required duration of time.

99paisa never discloses the user’s personal identity proof details to any of the third party, whatsoever is the case and never ask for extra charges for PAN card registration process.

Today every exclusive financial deal or transactions needs to be filed with the addition of PAN card number so make sure you become a legal holder of permanent account number.

Instructions to Note

  • Once the PAN application process gets started at NSDL centre of India, 99paisa shall not be liable for making any refunds since PAN application once applied never gets cancelled
  • We do not deliver your PAN card at the doorstep since it is distributed by a courier or postal service through NSDL centre, Pune India.
  • Do remember to provide your necessary identity proof, photograph that are all correct and remain free from any errors or mistakes. Once application is done we cannot make changes to the PAN registration process. Applicant must be self responsible for his or her faults made if any.

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